Groupware desknet's NEO supports work style reform and telework with Multifunction and Low Cost

Available from RM 40 monthly per user

desknet's NEO is a high-performance groupware     that can increase team power, work efficiency and productivity in the company.


There are reasons why 4.15 million people use

24 all-in-one basic applications

Can be used in all scales, industries and formats

Addressing the challenges of Malaysian company

​Designed according to Malaysian work style, revitalize the connection between vertical and horizontal organization

​Systematize your own business with AppSuite

Goodbye to Excel work and counting on paper

​Selectable Cloud version and Package version

Ideal for large organizations and small starts


​This is ALL you need for your business tasks

We can handle a lot of work required in-house, from daily schedule confirmation  

to emergency safety confirmation

Centralized management of a large amount of information by aggregating in-house information.

Reserve and manage shared facilities such as conference rooms and company cars and beauty products. Since it works with the schedule function, you will never forget your conference room.

​Significantly reduce the time and effort of adjusting the schedule with your boss and colleagues.

Both internal application and approval are speeded up and paperless. Approval is not delayed even on a business trip

You can easily find the documents you need anytime, anywhere by knowing where to store them or sharing in-house documents that are personally managed.


​You can be freed from internal work that depends on paper, email, and Excel.

  You can easily systemize inefficient in-house work that is performed mainly by paper, e-mail, Excel in 4 steps. There is a business application creation tool AppSuite.

  From the efficiency of ledger management to the systemization of complex business processing, you can customize it from the application that suits the industry and job type to your purpose.

Various management operations     

Sales support   

​Records, applications, etc.



Attendance /


  management      Internal FAQ​

Customer Master 



​Sales Weekly







​Bonus assessment


Case Study

From government to general companies.

It doesn't matter the type of industry or the scale.

It has been introduced to small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies

in all industries from manufacturing to government offices.

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Industry  Education
Usage     700 users
Type       Package

Reason to be trusted

There is a solid proof of trust

behind the introduction decision

There are reasons why many companies have earned the trust of us,

including evaluations from industry media and government agencies

Received No. 1 in two satisfaction surveys

by various IT magazines

We have won the first place in customer satisfaction survey on groupware, local IT system satisfaction survey, and two satisfaction surveys, and we have earned solid trust as a groupware manufacturer.

Adopted by more than 960 local governments and agencies, more than a third of prefectures. Since the introduction of the My Number system, the effective use of groupware has spread to many local governments and government agencies in response to the issues of “strengthening security” and “work style reform”.

Obtained ISO27001/ISMS certification

We have obtained the management system standard certified by an external organization.

Developed and operated by NEO Japan Inc., which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

We have a strong management base

Groupware development history is over 20 years

We have a solid track record of development and operation that has been accumulated for more than 20 years since 1999.









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